Invest In A Louvre Roof in 2021

We think investing in a louvre deck roof in 2021 should be something of a New Year’s resolution for you. It’s likely you’ve been thinking about installing one for some time especially when you can see the difference it can make to a home. But if you’re still pondering this question and need reassurance, we have assembled a few big benefits and brought them all together. As you’ll see, a new roof in the New Year has many advantages.

  • Flexibility. Our Opening Roof louvres can be rotated to let in more natural light when you need it. Alternatively they can be closed when the sun is at its strongest, or when the weather turns.
  • Creates extra living space. Install an opening louvre roof system over your deck and you create a liveable space. When you add external louvre shutters or glass sliding doors, you can even make a whole new room! Its a great way to create more space in your home or building.
  • Better ventilation. Louvre roofs can be opened to significantly increase the amount of airflow going through your outdoor space and into the internal areas of your home. This can be further enhanced with the installation of outdoor blinds or shutters. The health benefits of ventilation are numerous, a great reasone why a louvre deck roof should be part of your home improvement thinking in 2021. 
  • Can add  value to your home. Ask your real estate agent and they’ll tell you that distinctive outdoor entertainment areas are what home buyers are looking for. They want more than just a deck - they want a place that is attractive, comfortable and able to be used year-round. An opening louvre deck roof will provide the point of difference they demand. 
  • Energy efficiency. One of the more subtle benefits of a louvre roof but possibly one of the biggest. When a louvre roof system is positioned adjacent to the house, e.g. a connecting patio it can reduce energy costs throughout the home. You can let in more sunlight to heat the home during winter for passive solar heat gain, or you can close the roof to provide cooling shade in summer, reducing the need for air conditioning. 
If you’ve been thinking about investing in a louvre roof for a while, you have probably done your research and will be aware of these benefits. Contact your nearest LouvreTec Australia branch and we’ll turn all of your thinking into a beautiful and beneficial reality.