Ideas for Creating an Inviting Outdoor Room

Mornings spent sipping a coffee amidst the fresh air, and sunny afternoons that drift on to balmy evenings spent chatting with friends are the kind of moments that make an creating an outdoor living space worth your while. Creating an enclosed outdoor room in your home is a way to incorporate more moments like this into your daily life, regardless of what the weather forecast may say.

The concept of an outdoor room is simple - it is a space outside your home that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Having a beautiful outdoor room not only increases the overall living space of your home, but it creates an inviting space that brings both living and entertaining into the outdoors.

So where do you start?

Inviting Seating

Whether you want to entertain a crowd, or just put your feet up, comfortable seating will draw both yourself and others into your outdoor living space. When choosing furniture, pair weather-resistant fabrics with warm and cosy touches, such as padded furniture and pillows to create the perfect lounging area for everyone. We are seeing a lot of olive and rust colours at present as well as charcoals.

Consider Space

When planning the layout of your outdoor room, consider how people will come in and out of it, and move around within it. Don’t clutter the space with excess furniture and make sure that entry and exit points are easily accessible. When people have the freedom and space to move around easily, your outdoor room will feel a lot more relaxing.

opening blinds


Lighting will create more possibilities for living and entertaining by extending the hours that your outdoor living space can be used. The right lighting will set a warm, intimate mood for your outdoor living space. Instead of relying on the preexisting security lights of your house, consider options that will create the feeling and ambience that you desire in your outdoor living space.

There are many unique options for lighting such as string lights on a pergola roof, path lights around seated areas, outdoor lamps and LED lanterns. Ambient lighting can go a long way in creating a welcoming space.

Outdoor Rugs

Rugs are not strictly reserved for indoor use but are a smart way to add colour, patterns, and texture to your outdoor living space. They provide comfort and warmth and are great for high traffic areas. Outdoor rugs are weather-resistant and easy to clean. When choosing a rug, consider something that would match or complement the interior of your home. Your outdoor room should simply be an extension of your home’s interior.

opening roof pergola

Louvretec Opening Roof

Outdoor living does not need to mean battling the elements, only making the most of them. Louvretec Opening Roof Louvres extend the use of your outdoor room, making living and entertaining possible when you would normally have to move the party inside. Open the louvres to enjoy the last of the evening sunset or close the louvres to create a comfortable haven. The louvre blades are opened and closed using Louvretec’s award-winning Spiral Pivot system that has no visible external operating system which means they are not only functional but visually appealing.