How To Make Your Outdoor Room Even Better

Demand for our outdoor blinds in Australia, as well as our other products like louvre roofs, continues to grow. We understand why. Australians have always loved entertaining outside of the confines of their homes but they’re now taking things one big step further by building outdoor rooms! These stunning rooms are the ultimate in indoor/outdoor flow and are a superb addition to any home. If you’re thinking of doing something like that at your place, here are our suggestions on how to make that outdoor space great. 

  • At times people prioritise style above comfort when it comes to their outdoor rooms but we think you should strike a nice balance between the two. After all, you have family and friends to consider and while they’ll appreciate how the area looks, they might not enjoy the experience of sitting on furniture that has been purchased with visual appeal rather than comfort in mind.  To be honest, a lot of outdoor furniture can be a bit uncomfortable especially in comparison with indoor furniture. Thankfully, with weather-proof outdoor rooms, you can bring the indoors out. Sofas, couches and lounge chairs can be sheltered from the elements when you close up the exterior blinds and louvre roof of your outdoor room, on saying this though we do recommend you apply weather-proofing products from the hardware store to add another layer of protection - and read the label first to follow directions.
  • An outdoor room is a link between the interior of your home and your garden. The best outdoor rooms highlight this connection by becoming a green space in their own right. A couple of large potted plants, miniature specimen trees, hanging pots and flowers look wonderful in any outdoor space, with a new trend towards vertical gardens on blank walls that add a stunning, dramatic effect. 
  • Privacy is very important in any alfresco area and your outdoor room is no exception. After all, it is a place of retreat where you can relax and be yourself. Our outdoor blinds and louvre roofs can be adjusted to keep out eyes, but you can also optimise your private space by the smart use of screening plants, screens or even trellis.  
  • Your outdoor room will be such a captivating space that you’ll want to use it long after the sun goes down, which is why you should also consider outdoor lighting. You can make a stylish statement while also providing a well-illuminated and safe area at night. For example, string lights are a great combination of the light you need and the visual impact you want to make, as are things like lanterns and candles. Whatever lighting you choose, you’ll want to get the balance right; make sure people can see what they’re doing, especially if you’re dining in your outdoor room, but you don’t want the space to be too bright and glary. Some strategic placement is required and this might involve some trial and error while you set up your lighting but the time and effort will be worth it. 

These four things are the difference between a good outdoor room and a great one. For more ideas and inspiration when it comes to creating a spectacular outdoor area, feel free to contact your nearest LouvreTec Australia branch.