How Opening Roofs & Louvres Are Changing The Game For Pubs And Restaurants

Restaurants and bars are frequented by most people. You don’t need a reason to relax over a drink with a friend. And, you don’t need an excuse to go out for dinner once in a while.  Operable aluminium louvre panels & Opening Roofs provide a beautiful alfresco areas for patrons. 

Operable Aluminium Louvres VS Fixed Aluminium Louvres 

Fixed aluminium louvres are set at angles decided on by the client. The angle set will take in to account the sun as it travels through the day and privacy control.  Fixed aluminium louvres stay in place where as operable aluiminium louvre panels can open and close to allow more or less sun, wind and privacy control making them a good option for the hospitality industry. The sun can be harsh, and the wind can put a dampener on a good time in an outdoor area. If you want to keep your patrons happy to dine outside consider providing an outdoor seating area that is covered with a motorosed opening roof and the sides with adjustable sun louvre panels.

Separate Areas To Rent Out

Pubs and Restaurants are more diverse than you think. There could be an area to watch a football game in a pub, and a private dining area if your patrons just want a bite to eat. Pubs and clubs these days now offer more than just a spot to sit and drink in. You can eat gourmet foods prepared by chefs, attend wine tastings, and even host meetings with clients. Many pubs and restaurants separate dining or party rooms - perfect if you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary. 

Consider utilising your outdoor area for zoned off private areas. Start with a deck, add an Opening roof and close in the sides with aluminium louvres or glass doors. This outdoor area can be a perfect space for pubs and clubs to rent out for hosting team-building events, corporate functions, and private parties. The outdoor area will be away from the bustle of other patrons, with separate bars, restrooms, seating areas and more just for their use. 

When it comes to providing comfortable and convenient areas for people to relax and enjoy themselves in at a pub or restaurant its obviously best to appeal to as many people (and their wants and needs) as possible. Some people will need a break from the bustle of a loud pub  and prefer to sit with friends in the fresh air. Others would prefer a quiet pub dinner after work before they go home, without being disturbed by a quiz evening or karaoke night happening in the same venue. With outdoor areas that feature opening roofs and sun louvre panels your patrons can enjoy the alfresco area of your establishment year round.