How Do You Like Your Sun Louvres?

Our fixed aluminium louvres provide you with a wide range of benefits:

  • Design - they look stylish and provide an architectural look
  • Privacy - positioned at just the right angle, enjoy your privacy
  • Enjoy shade, airflow and natural light throughout the day
  • They allow for excellent ventilation 
  • They’re durable 
  • They require little maintenance to keep looking good
  • They’re made from an environmentally friendly material
  • Available in many different powdercoat or anodised colours so you can match your joinery or your roof or select a colour as a pop of difference.

Most of these benefits are well known by now, but they are excellent reminders of why our louvres are some of our most popular products. But as you’d expect from LouvreTec Australia, you have choices. A lot of choices! For example, when it comes to our fixed aluminium sun louvres you have the choice of not only being able to end fix them in place but also bracket fix them in place. 

So what’s the difference between end fixed louvres or bracket fixed louvres?

An end fixed louvre is like all of our sun louvres in having internal fixing ports. This allows for  ‘secret’ fixing at any angle or centre. This enables panels to be custom made to meet the exact design requirements of any installation. As such, these louvres offer great flexibility which is emphasised even more when you take into account that they can be end fixed in place at any pitch or any centre.

Bracket Fixed louvres allow for continuous runs of louvre blades. The blades can be set at any angle and to any centre, so like end fixed louvres, they deliver a custom-designed solution. Where bracket fixed louvres come into their own is that the blades are cantilevered at the ends  - meaning the louvres run past their tear-drop fixing bracket and because the blade fixing is hidden in most situations, the louvre blades have a free-floating effect. This effect is shown off to its best in larger buildings where the blades extend for a long, long way and look like they’re hovering in mid-air. It really is a magical spectacle to behold.

ouvretec also has hand operable and motorised louvre options too. The team look forward to discussing your requirements, no matter what you’re after. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to any of our products, and that includes our fixed sun louvres. We want to give you flexibility and a range of options that best suit your needs. So don’t be afraid to get in touch with any of our branches. We’ll help you filter your search and select just the right louvre option for your home or building.