Getting your garden ready for spring

It is almost spring! A sentence that is enough to put a smile on our faces after what felt like a longer than average winter. We can, once again, let our minds wander about all the outdoor activities we can do and the more hours spent in the backyard. But we spring looming, you need to make sure you are garden ready. Here’s how to prepare:

Spring Clean

With autumn and winter back to back, there is a good chance your decking, louvres and roof will be full of dead leaves, branch debris and stagnant rainwater. To prepare for the warmer seasons, a good spring clean is in order. Louvrecare is our maintenance and valet service which includes comprehensive cleaning of all your Louvretec products, testing of moving parts and checking of seals as well as wear and tear.

Sun Control

As daylight hours extend daily for the foreseeable future, your garden will receive more and more sun, and hotter and hotter temperatures. The sun can be strong here in Australia and sometimes you need protection. Add sun louvres to your home for adjustable control of shade and shelter, perfect to block the hot summer sun or protect you from the odd spring showers. Our durable aluminium louvres come in options of motorised, hand operable, end fixed or bracket fixed choices to suit whatever your needs might be.

Roof over your deck area

Get ready for spring with our new retractable roof allowing you to remotely retract and cover parts of your garden for total cover or unlimited sky. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your backyard without sacrificing the view. Simply retract the blades and then bring them back overhead and adjust the louvres to your desired angle overhead.

BBQ Season

You don’t have to wait another quarter of the year to wheel the BBQ out from the garage. Have your cooker on show and ready to sizzle sausages all year round with our solutions, turning the outdoors into a sheltered, protected and accessible space from New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve.

So start getting ready for spring today, after all, summer is just around the corner. Find out more by getting in touch with us today.