Enhancing Privacy in Your Outdoor Space

How to Protect Your Outdoor Privacy With Louvretec

Your outdoor space should be a sanctuary where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the fresh Australian air. However, ensuring privacy in an outdoor setting can sometimes be challenging. At Louvretec, there are various solutions available. Explore our privacy-making products to ensure a comfortable, creative and private outdoor area. Made right here in Australia.

Sun Louvre Airfoil

Sun Louvre Airfoil systems offer an architecturally desirable solution for maintaining privacy while still enjoying the benefits of natural light. These systems consist of airfoil louvres that rotate up to 180 degrees to control the amount of light, ventilation and visibility. By angling the louvres, you can create a shield that blocks the line of sight from outside. Sun Louvres Airfoil also provide a unique aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space, adding sophistication and functionality in equal measure.

Outdoor Shutters

Our Coastal Louvre Shutters are a versatile privacy solution for your outdoor area. Made of durable aluminium to deal with the harsh Australian environment, they can be easily adjusted to achieve the level of privacy you desire. When fully lowered, they create a barrier that blocks the view from outside, ensuring complete privacy. A wide range of options including; sliding shutters bi-folding shutters, hinged doors, plantation shutters and louvre panels give you aesthetic and functional options to choose from.

Sun Louvre Systems 

Sun Louvre Systems consist of adjustable horizontal louvres that can be tilted to control sunlight, ventilation and privacy in both motorised and hand-operable options. By adjusting the louvres, you can create a closed or partially closed position, limiting the view to prevent nosey neighbours. These systems offer flexibility in managing privacy while still allowing natural light to filter through.

Retractable Roof

Our new Retractable Roofs provide a practical and customisable solution for privacy in outdoor spaces. These roofs can be  retracted back and then brought back overhead when required. This allows you you to control the level of privacy from above. When the Retract Roof louvres are back in place overhead they offer controllable shade and create a cosy atmosphere and environment, ensuring privacy from surrounding areas. By choosing a retractable roof, you can enjoy the best of both worlds—openness and privacy—in your outdoor space.

Outdoor areas can feel uncomfortable if they aren’t enhanced by an operable overhead roof for shelter and if the sides are not closed in with operable sun louvre shutters or glass sliders. . Create a larger living space and retain your privacy with made-to-measure solutions from Louvretec Australia. Contact us today to find out more.