Differences Between a Patio and Conservatory

Key Differences Between a Patio and Conservatory

Patios and conservatories are both popular choices of outdoor rooms for Australian homes. With both providing additional living space and an opportunity for homeowners to enjoy the outdoors, we take a look at the key distinctions between the two.

Structure and Design

Patio: A patio is an outdoor space that is typically attached to the main structure of the house. It is usually an open area with a solid floor, often made of concrete, stone or tiles. Patios can be covered or uncovered, depending on the homeowner's preference.

Conservatory: A conservatory, also known as a sunroom, is a room that is primarily made of glass or polycarbonate panels. It is designed to allow maximum natural light to enter while providing a controlled environment. Conservatories are usually attached to the main house and have a separate entrance, distinct from the rest of the house.


Patio: Patios are primarily used as outdoor living spaces and are well-suited for various activities like dining, entertaining guests or simply relaxing. They provide a connection between the indoor and outdoor areas and are often furnished with outdoor furniture, such as tables, chairs and loungers.

Conservatory: Conservatories are designed to create a transitional space between the indoor and outdoor environments. They provide a sheltered area that allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors while being protected from the elements, such as wind, rain or excessive sunlight. Conservatories are commonly used as additional living rooms, dining areas, or even home offices.

Create Your Own

Patio: Sun Louvre Systems can fill in the sides of your patio or deck for a more private and protected outdoor area, allowing increased use throughout the year and shelter from outdoor elements. With a number of options available in different styles and colours, choose your Sun Louvre System wisely with expert advice from our team. Install a Louvretec Opening Roof for your patio roof. The louvres can open and close up to 180 degrees letting you set and control conditions.

Conservatory: Starting with an opening roof, close in the sides of your outdoor room with Slidetec Frameless Glass Sliding Doors & Windows. In various options of premium toughened glass, glass doors allow you to open for a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors, or close them for total protection against wind, rain and cold. 

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