Custom Made Sun Louvre Systems Designed For You

Every Louvretec Australia Sun Louvre system is bespoke, custom made to your design requirements.

At Louvretec we get to work with the best architects' in the business. The creatives who design the most amazing homes and buildings and specify Louvretec to design louvres to fit in to amazing spaces to add functionality and design aesthetics.

On top of our standard louvre range, we have in the past been lucky to be a part of other spectacular building projects where our aluminium sun louvres have been 'etched' with art designs, where our actual drive systems (that power our louvres open and closed)  have been incorporated with other building materials such as fibre-glass/resin 'louvres' and louvres with a fillagree design finish (see image).  In fact Louvretec's Rectangular range of sun louvres eventuated because an architect specifically requested this style of louvre for their project which at the time we did not have as part of our range but this louvre shape proved so popular it soon became a collection - this is along the same lines of how Louvretec's  Super Roof Curved Opening Roof came to fruition - as the direct result of an architect requesting an Opening Roof with a top that has a curve to it when it is closed.

Louvretec Australia's sun louvre and opening/closing roof systems are unique and custom made to any design, taste or style. Louvretec Australia does not offer an out-of-the-box solution, our louvre systems are bespoke in order to blend seamlessly with your home, building or outdoor room renovation. Whether your mark is through shape or colour Louvretec Australia is versatile in our design and build to accommodate any style.