Creating Versatile Outdoor Spaces: Integrating Louvretec Outdoor Shutters into Your Design Scheme

Outdoor living has always been popular in Australia; our climate demands we get out there and enjoy as much fun in the sun as possible. But in recent years, how we live outdoors has changed. We’re creating sensational external spaces, much different from the gathering of deck chairs under the Hills Hoist on the lawn that many of us remember from our childhood. Instead, we’re building alfresco dining areas or partitioning outdoor entertainment zones. The Louvretec Outdoor Room is a prime example of how much we have reimagined outdoor living. At the heart of this are Louvretec’s outdoor shutters & opening roofs.


Embracing Versatility

Louvretec outdoor shutters can be tailored to suit a range of different design schemes and outdoor settings, coming into their own as the side enclosures of our  outdoor rooms. The adjustable louvre blades, customisable design options, and compatibility with various architectural styles make them as versatile as they are beautiful.  Being adjustable, they can be opened to whatever degree you wish. You can partially open them to allow cooling breezes into your outdoor area on a sweltering summer’s day or easily close them when things start to cool down. This flexibility also gives you a high degree of privacy and security. Partially opened shutters still let the breeze in while keeping prying eyes out, and fully closed, the shutters provide a substantial barrier to help protect your security. 

Our shutters are constructed from high-quality powder-coated aluminium. This durable and resilient material keeps them looking good and staying strong for years. Compared to other products, Louvretec aluminium outdoor shutters are a long-term investment with ongoing aesthetic appeal and performance guaranteed. 


Drawing Inspiration

How can you integrate Louvretec outdoor shutters into your own outdoor spaces?
There are plenty of ways you can use our shutters to enhance your outdoor spaces. Use them as privacy screens and avoid nosy neighbours, or as side enclosures in an outdoor room, to divide outdoor areas and create specific zones. Outdoor shutters are also ideal for improving the overall aesthetic appeal of patios, decks, and balconies.

Practical Considerations and Installation Tips 

Incorporating Louvretec outdoor shutters into your outdoor design scheme requires careful consideration of several factors.  Think about sizing to ensure optimal coverage and proportionality within the space. Additionally, where you put your shutters matters. Thoughtful placement can really make a difference, not just in how the shutters function, but in how they affect the look of your outdoor area.
Our team will work with you throughout this process to ensure your shutters look their best and serve their functional purpose. Additionally, our expertise extends to selecting the most suitable shutter configuration tailored to the specific requirements of your space, be it for privacy, sun control, or architectural enhancement. 


Are You Open To Our Shutters? Contact Louvretec 

Louvretec outdoor shutters are elegant and functional, making them a superb addition to any outdoor design scheme. We know you’ll love what they do for your outdoor area, no matter what form it takes, so we invite you to contact your local Louvretec Australia representative to discuss the beautiful possibilities.