COVID Has Made Outdoor Living Even More Popular

We’re noticing an increased demand for outdoor blinds in Australia as well as many other LouvreTec products. Given the quality of our products and all the ways they can transform the appearance and liveability of a home, we’re not surprised. But there’s another reason for the growing popularity of our products and it has a lot to do with COVID and its associated lockdowns and restrictions.

Many of our new clients tell us that they want to improve their homes because they’re spending much more time there. A lot of this has occurred through lockdowns, but also through a desire to have a haven and a safe place in which they feel comfortable in a still uncertain world. They’ve resolved that if they’re going to spend more time at home, then they want a spectacular space to do it in, and where they don’t feel cooped up within four walls. Something like an outdoor room consisting of a retractable roof and outdoor blinds (or Slidetec glass doors) is the perfect solution - a beautiful space that feels breezy and open, and with a connection to the garden.  

With light at the end of the tunnel, thanks in part to the vaccine rollout, there’s hope the world will open up again - but ask anyone currently enjoying their new LouvreTec outdoor room and they’ll tell you they’re perfectly happy where they are! This Australian experience is reflected in other parts of the world too.

We recently read an article in the prestigious Forbes magazine which links COVID with the growing love in the US for outdoor living. In America, where “stay at home and shelter in place” orders have grounded many residents, there’s been a renewed appreciation for “home sweet home” as well as a desire to make that home even better. Like us Australians, Americans believe that if you’re going to be stuck somewhere for a while, you might as well do it in style and without feeling like you’re living in a prison. There, like here, outdoor rooms and spaces where they’re protected from the elements are the best solution; they represent a link between the home and the garden. 

According to Forbes, consumer demand suggests that these are the highest priorities for Americans as far as outdoor living is concerned:

  • Privacy
  • Protection from the elements
  • A fashionable addition that integrates with the existing property
  • Ease of adjustability for external blinds and retractable roofs
  • Indoor-outdoor flow

These priorities are things we can relate to. They’re very much in line with what we hear from our clients. Thankfully, we’re able to meet these demands and give Australians the outdoor lifestyle they desire and deserve. If you’d like to be part of the global trend and embrace this sort of lifestyle yourself, get in touch with your nearest LouvreTec location!