Cleaning and Maintaining Your Louvretec Opening Roof Pergola

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Pergola

Louvretec opening roofs (sometimes also known in the industry as a pergola) provide a stylish, functional  feature area to your outdoor living area transforming it in to a favourite gathering space for your family and friends to enjoy. 

For this outdoor space to be truly welcoming, it needs to be properly maintained and kept clean. So how exactly do you clean a Louvetec Opening Roof? We’ve written a simple guide for you.


Louvretec’s range of Opening Roofs, Sun Louvre Systems & Shutters have been designed as durable as possible. We only use high grade extruded aluminium, marine grade stainless steel, custom designed componentry, powder coating or anodising warranted by registered applicators.

Installation is always by Authorised Louvretec Dealers. However... They sit outside, in the hot and cold weather, through wet and dry days and nights, often near the sea & many installations have electrical motors and parts that move. Just like your car, they too need regular cleaning and servicing.

Mild Household Dishwash detergent

To comply with warranty requirements and to extend the effective life of powder coatings, a very simple regular maintenance programme should be implemented. Operable Louvre Systems need to be operated at least once a fortnight for optimum performance.

As a general rule cleaning should take place every six months.

In areas where pollutants are more prevalent, such as beachfront houses and industrial or geothermal areas, then a cleaning program should be carried out every three months. The effects of ultra violet light, atmospheric pollution, dirt, grime and airborne salt deposits can all accumulate over time and should be removed at regular intervals.


Three steps to cleaning your powder coating.

  1. Carefully remove any loose deposits with a wet sponge.
  2. To remove dust, salt and other deposits, use a soft brush (non-abrasive) and a mild household detergent solution
  3. Rinse off with clean fresh water.

Operate your opening roof regularly

We recommend operating our Louvretec system as least once every two weeks.

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