How To Keep Your Outdoor Blinds Clean

Keep Your Outdoor Blinds Clean

Our outdoor blinds are a stylish and functional solution to shade control for your house, building or outdoor patio. Louvretec offers a variety of options, from mesh blinds to PVC blinds to venetian blinds for the exterior of your home. Apart from protecting your residence from hot sun and offering shade, they protect your windows from gathering dirt and grime, but of course and occasionally your blinds will require some light maintenance. Here is our guide to keeping your outdoor blinds at their best.

How to clean mesh outdoor blinds:

These durable blinds are designed to deal with harsh Australian weather conditions. To clean, use a soft wet cloth and a household grade dishwashing detergent to create soapy water. Wipe each side of your blinds and make sure the cleaned blinds dry thoroughly to prevent unsightly watermarks. Do this by leaving them open so air can penetrate and moisture can evaporate otherwise the moisture can damage and stain the material over time.

How to clean PVC outdoor blinds:

Our clear PVC blinds are available in different tints, not just clear. Made specifically to provide protection from wind and rain, Louvretec’s PVC blinds are premium compared to other outdoor blinds available on the market. All that protection means an occasional clean will be needed. Use a soft cloth without an abrasive surface to protect your blinds’ coating. Warm water and a gentle rub should be enough to clean these blinds. 

How to clean mould off outdoor blinds:

As we all know, mould can occur  in warm and damp conditions. This should be cleaned off as soon as possible. You can create a solution at home using warm water and household dishwashing detergent. Once again, make sure you use a soft cloth to avoid marking the blinds. 

Things to avoid:

Avoid using high pressure water blasters as this can damage the mechanism and bearings, as well as the blinds themselves. Also, it is suggested to clean bird droppings as soon as possible as these can create tough to remain stains if left uncleaned. 

Why get Louvretec’s outdoor blinds:

Our blinds are a premium product that is designed and installed by professional experts. With a choice of motorised or manually operable blinds, and powdercoated frames in a variety of colours. Durable and aesthetically pleasing, add Louvretec outdoor blinds to your residential or commercial property today. Get in touch with us to make an enquiry and find out more.