Weatherproofing Your Home: A Guide to Blocking Out the Elements with Louvretec Outdoor Systems

You might associate Louvretec outdoor systems with beautiful outside rooms and stunning alfresco entertainment areas. While that is correct, there's a practical side to our systems that makes them highly effective for weatherproofing your home. You can create a warm and inviting space in your home by keeping out the elements when needed. Harsh sun, miserable weather and howling winds can be blocked most stylishly with Louvretec, the pioneer in outdoor louvred systems. We offer you a range of solutions, including retractable systems, opening roofs, outdoor shutters, and louvres. In this blog article, we'll explore how Louvretec's outdoor blinds can be the perfect shield against wind, rain, and the sun's harmful UV rays.

Wind Resistance

The design and engineering behind Louvretec outdoor blinds are integral to how they look and perform when the weather changes. For example, our mesh and PVC outdoor blinds serve as a strong and dependable barrier against strong winds, creating a comfortable and sheltered environment in your outdoor space. Our blinds are built to last, forming a wall between you and the wind. Of course, when it isn't blowing so hard, you can adjust the blinds to your liking to control wind exposure and create a pleasant fresh breeze throughout your outdoor room. Our outdoor blinds also keep you warm as they act as an insulating layer, yet another reason we recommend them as a weatherproofing measure. To help warm your home, you can allow direct sunlight to stream during daylight hours and draw your blinds just before sunset to trap the heat inside.

Rain Protection

Louvretec's outdoor blinds can keep interior spaces dry so you can continue enjoying your area regardless of how much it pours. We recommend clear PVC outdoor blinds for optimum rain protection, as they make the best barrier against rain (and wind.) If our mesh blinds are your design preference, you'll be pleased to know they still afford decent weather protection, with the degree of protection depending on your choice of mesh fabric. The percentage of openness on the fabric relates to the size of the holes within the mesh – the smaller the holes, the better the rain protection.

Shield Against UV Rays

It has always been vitally important to protect your family from the sun's harmful UV rays, and our mesh outdoor blinds, in particular, make that so easy. The nature of their design means these blinds filter out much of the UV rays on a sunny day while still providing a cool and shaded environment, thanks to the openness we discussed earlier. This delivers the sun protection you insist upon for family and friends without having to retreat indoors.

Customisation and Style

All this protection comes with a whole lot of style. Louvretec's outdoor blinds are made to look good. Our mesh blinds give you shade and privacy and are easy to operate, but they also make a real fashion statement. The fabric is easy on the eye, and with a range of colours, they'll blend right into your outdoor setting. Meanwhile, our transparent PVC blinds are a good t choice if you want an uninterrupted view from your outdoor room to the rest of your backyard. No matter the material, your blinds can be customised to suit your home and your sense of style.

Get The Inside Story On Our Outdoor Blinds

There are so many reasons to check out our outdoor blinds, including creating a more comfortable living environment within your outdoor space. To learn more about our outdoor blinds or any other outdoor louvred systems that provide unrivalled weather protection, we invite you to contact your nearest Louvretec agent and get the inside story on keeping the elements out!