Does Backyard Landscaping Add Value?

Does backyard landscaping add value?

In a country that is as sunny as ours, we are lucky to have the chance to spend time in the garden most of the year through. Our backyard is a place to connect with nature, get healthy fresh air and vitamin D, relax and reduce stress, all whilst enjoying the privacy and protection of your own home. Unfortunately, most of us don’t utilise our backyards enough and do tend to put more energy into improving our interiors  than our outdoors. By neglecting our yards, we’re missing out on a whole heap of fun, not to mention the additional value you can add to your property. 

Louvretec Australia has a huge range of products to improve and maximise your home from outdoor rooms to retractable roofs. We can help create shade where there was none, shelter where you are lacking and comfort where there isn’t any. Take a look at our products page and consider which would enhance your home most. 

So, what other options do you have that could add value to your yard? Well, backyard landscaping is a very good option as it not only dramatically improves the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces, but it adds value too. Here are some of our top landscaping tips.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Add functionality alongside beauty. Everyone wants a pretty garden with nice lighting and features, but what use is that if the space isn’t useful? Outdoor living spaces are areas of your garden that extend your home and provide a purpose. Decking could be used to create an outdoor seating area or BBQ area. Add our opening roofs and get more use throughout the year. Louvretec can add shelter, heating and lighting to create an outdoor living space that isn’t just accessible during the day. Instead, host parties and get-togethers long into the evening hours.


Luscious green grass and plants always help a backyard feel inviting. Having some greenery in your garden has been proven to reduce stress and improve mood. If there isn’t much space for grass, stick to potted plants with bright colours that last throughout the year. With outdoor rooms, you may want to consider adding house plants to help bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors.

DIY or Contractor?

DIY can be rewarding, but if you aren’t a professional, nothing is going to compare with allowing a trained specialist to do the job. The technical specifications of our products are available for architects to help create the home of your dreams. Contact us today to find out more about how we can be involved in transforming your backyard for the better.