Architects, You’re So Important To Us

Most of the visitors to our website come here to discover  our superb range of products and then dream of the wonderful possibilities. Our site shows off our products at their very best and gives our potential clients a great representation of LouvreTec quality and style. They can see that what we supply and install has the potential to transform their home. The aesthetic appeal is enormous, and the value our products add is significant. That much is evident from just one visit to our site, and that is reflected in the number of enquiries we receive from excited customers every day. 

But not everyone looks at our website with home beautification in mind. While they can obviously appreciate the sleek lines and stunning design, architects, builders and other professionals will have another priority. They want to check out the more technical side of our products. They want to dig deeper and view our technical information such as measurements, angles, materials, wind loading, weight and modes of operation.This is especially true for anyone involved in the design, construction or renovation of a larger commercial building, as well as a residential property.

If these technical aspects are your priority, then we can help you find what you need. Our website is already rich in technical information about all of our products - opening roofs, sliding glass doors, outdoor blinds, retractable systems, sun louvres, and shutters are all included. As are the finer details of engineering, wiring, design and warranties. The information on our site gives you an overview of the product and also allows you to dive deeper and see the specifics of each one. 

We’re also available to provide all other technical information as required. Simply contact your nearest LouvreTec Australia location and we’ll quickly give you answers to any questions you may have about the more practical side of our products.

At the end of the day, we want to make it easy for architects, builders and any other professionals interested in LouvreTec products to get the information they need. That’s why our website is so much more than a shop window that only shows off our products at their very best. While it certainly does that, it is also a source of technical material that will help you look after the more practical aspects associated with our products. Feel free to get in touch if you need to find out more.