Aesthetically pleasing and award winning

The Louvreline Blade is different in shape from our Airfoil Louvre Blades - the Louvreline aluminium panel is rectangular in shape complimenting today's contemporary style.

2 styles to choose from are Louvreline Flush and Louvreline Weatherboard.

The distinctive, rectangular shaped blade of a Louvreline flush panel provides a clean, contemporary look. When the blades are closed a seamless, flat wall is achieved.

Originally developed for a specific project Louvreline Panels received such a positive response from architects that Louvretec incorporated them in to the full product range.

Choose from two sizes of Flush Panels

120mm Louvreline Flush Panel: Enjoy the rectangular shape and seamlessly flat finish this louvre blade provides. The 120mm Flush Panel can be applied as a contemporary operable balustrade or privacy panel to close off decks and verandahs, or use a conventional louvre panel. Each blade is 120mm wide.

200mm Louvreline Flush Panel: Ideal as vertical external panels that sit in front of joinery or panels of glass allowing you to enjoy a wide view looking forward while achieving a high degree of side and rear privacy. The 200mm Flush panel is strong yet elegant and has good spanning capabilities both vertically and horizontally. Each blade is 200mm wide and can be positioned rear or centre pivot.

The distinctive, rectangular shaped blade of a Louvreline panel provides a clean, contemporary look. When closed a 'weatherboard' effect is achieved.

Choose from two sizes of Louvreline Weatherboard Panels:

125mm Louvreline Weatherboard Panel: When the rectangular blades of this panel are in the closed position a weatherboard effect is achieved. The 125mm Weatherboard panel complies as a balustrade with a maximum gap of 98mm when in the open position. Each blade is 125mm wide.

180mm Louvreline Weatherboard Panel: Ideal as vertical panels or as conventional horizontal louvres that present a classic weatherboard effect when the blades are in the closed position. This louvre blade is rectangular in shape and is 180mm wide.


Why choose Louvreline Panels?

  • Blades can be positioned horizontally or vertically
  • Blades open 180 degrees giving a wide angle forward view
  • High degree of side and rear privacy is achieved
  • Achieve, security, wind and sun control
  • Allows for light, shade, airflow & temperature control
  • Available motorised, hand adjustable, end fixed or bracket fixed
  • Contemporary look with clean lines - enhances the aesthetics of any building
  • Adds security
  • Can be used as an operable balustrade but also to close off decks and verandahs
  • Architecturally desirable
  • Made of aluminium ensuring a high level of resistance and superior durability in seaside areas and exposure to the elements
  • Engineered design
  • Can be retro-fitted or incorporated in to a new build
  • Custom made to your requirements
  • Available in a large range of colours including powdercoat and anodised