Adding a Liveable Outdoor Space Gives Your Home A Point Of Difference

We receive a lot of enquiries about the prices of our products. A common one is louvred roof cost in Australia, and we are happy to give an initial price indication. If this indicative quote is to the person’s liking, we then go one step further by visiting the site, doing a measure, and providing a formal quote. 

While everyone has to take cost into consideration when thinking about major home improvements, like the addition of a louvre roof, we remind people that the investment could provide a sizeable return in the future. For example, when you put a roof over a deck to make it a more sheltered area, you are adding extra  liveable space. In Australia’s current housing landscape, that space would become a very desirable feature and give your home a point of difference were you to ever put it on the market.

Australian homes are the smallest they’ve been in generations. The average floor area of a new detached house built in Australia in 2015/16 was 231m2, down from a record 247.7m2 in 2008/09. Changing demographics, smaller blocks and affordability all play their part in this, as does the modern preference for Generations X and Y to give up space in return for being able to live closer to work and social venues. Retirees are also downsizing and living in smaller homes.

But just because property sizes are getting smaller doesn’t meant everyone wants to live on top of one another. A sizeable portion of the home buyers market still wants space, and if you can offer that to them in conjunction with a stylish outdoor living area, you create a point of difference in the current real estate landscape.

Putting a LouvreTec roof over an existing outdoor area is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to increase a home’s liveable footprint. Liveability is enhanced further when that space is closed in with SlideTec sliding doors, or exterior louvres, and becomes an outdoor room. Again this could be a far more affordable option than adding an interior room to the property, and with fewer consent issues as well. 

A home boasting more space than most might not be a rarity right now, but it is becoming less common. There will always be a market for properties offering plenty of room - and when that room is of the outdoor variety, the market will be even more interested. Contact LouvreTec Australia to discuss how we can increase the liveable footprint at your place.