Add A Retractable Roof & enjoy added value to your home

Reflecting on the cost of Louvretec roofs involves more than just the price.  It is something that needs to be thought about in a wider context such as the extra, additional space you will gain, transforming an unused area in to a high functioning, favourite new space.   For example, the cost of your new Louvretec opening roof should also be weighed up against how much enjoyment you’ll get out of the space it creates. Or, how it will transform an unused area into a highly desirable one. 

Adding value might not be your primary reason for wanting to install a retractable roof at your home. You might just want to create a place of enjoyment and relaxation that you can share with your family and friends. 

Renovation expert Carlene Duffy has recently had a fair bit to say about renovations that don’t add value to a home. She contributed a piece to Real Estate Australia’s online lifestyle guide and suggested these are the four things not worth investing in:

  • Walk-in wardrobes. According to Duffy, they take up too much space in small to medium size homes. She adds they’re basically small rooms and often require renovators to punch out walls and push out the floor space in the house. In a mansion, fine. In an average home...maybe not.
  • Natural stone. Nice if you like that sort of thing and plan to stay in your home for the rest of your life, but as a value-adding investment it is very, very expensive and not to everyone’s taste.
  • Juliette balcony. This is a small balcony that is sometimes added off an upper-level bedroom instead of a window. Duffy believes that while it can add “much-needed dimension” to an uninteresting facade it is, for the most part, a small deck that you just won’t use. Invest in a stylish-looking window instead.
  • Wine cellar. This is nice in theory but Duffy argues that too much money needs to be spent on things like a wine cellar conditioner, custom joinery, and thermal protection. Unless you’re renovating a high-end property, a wine cellar is an expense that won’t give you a return on your investment at sale time.

A retractable roof will open up your home and create an outdoor room, which helps to satisfy two of the biggest requirements for modern home buyers: an appealing exterior entertainment area, and as much liveable space as possible. It is an investment that will add value to your lifestyle. You will see just what a smart investment it is Contact your nearest Louvretec office and let’s chat about how adding a roof is an exercise in adding value as well.