A Roof For All Seasons

When most people think of a retractable roof over a pergola, they might immediately have visions of one in a warm and tropical part of Australia. And while we do have many happy customers with a retractable roof pergola in the sunniest parts of the country, we also have a lot of highly satisfied clients in cooler climates such as in the South Island of New Zealand! 

Crisp, still and fine days in Australia are glorious, and we can’t blame anyone for wanting to get out there and enjoy that fresh and bracing air. In a pergola with appropriate heating, or in an enclosed Louvretec room, a retractable roof allows for shelter and shade when needed and makes outdoor living a reality, all year round and in all parts of Australia.

Having said this, if you live in a region where it is cooler, rest assured that Louvretec roofs do have snow ratings too. We have it covered! We design and manufacture our opening roofs with the highest quality materials, and they are fully engineered.  

Plus, when winter is at its most bitter in your neck of the woods, your opening roof can be shut tight against the biting winds. Motorising the louvre roof back in place overhead provides protection against the cold and keeps you warm and cosy, especially in conjunction with the heating options we now offer you. Your roof can remain closed throughout the coldest winter months and can be fully opened again when the weather eventually warms up outside. We do recommend that you open and close your roof once every two weeks just to keep the motor in optimum condition too.

So, if you think a retractable roof over a pergola is just for warmer parts of Australia, think again. If you live in a cooler area, an opening roof system will bring you as much enjoyment and be just as effective in sheltering you from the elements.

For a roof for all weathers over your pergola, or for the other products you need to create a new Louvretec outdoor room, contact us...no matter where you are! We’ll help you enjoy outdoor living at its best, in all regions and climates.