A Lot Of Cost Benefits Under One Roof

Questions about louvre roof costs and the colours they come in (over 150!) are probably the most common. Our opening roofs are more popular than ever as Australians embrace the idea of covering their outdoor entertainment areas and even turning them into outdoor rooms. 

Price depends on several different factors, and we can give you a much better idea once we are fully aware of the scope of your project. But i’s fair to say that your investment will give you solid returns in many ways. Here are just a few of the cost benefits under one retractable and opening/closing motorised roof!    

  • A retractable roof system, in conjunction with Louvretec products that close in the sides of the space, enlarges the liveable footprint of your property, creates a new functioning space, and adds tremendous value as well.
  • A Louvretec opening roof gives you more flexibility than any solid roof ever could. The roof can be fully closed when the sun is directly overhead or if the weather turns. At other times of the day, it can be partially opened when the sun isn’t as fierce or retracted entirely on a balmy evening so you can entertain under the stars. At all times, you’re in control of the weather, shade, heat and view - unlike a solid roof our Opening Roofs give you so many options.
  • Outdoor furniture, barbecues and other outdoor items are at the mercy of the elements when left in an exposed outdoor area. Fabric, metal and wood don’t like weather 24/7 and salt-laden wind or extreme heat - and do you really want to cover and uncover these things for the rest of your life? By putting an opening roof over these items, and they’re usually expensive ones, you’re protecting them from the weather so they’ll last longer and keep on looking good.
  • An Opening Roof assists a home’s energy efficiency as the louvres can be adjusted to reduce heat gain when the sun is shining on northern facing windows in summer. This reduces the need to operate appliances to cool your home. In winter, the roof can be opened to let the maximum amount of sun into your home and warm it up through a process called passive solar heating.
  • Louvretec Opening Roofs provide that special finishing touch. Polycarbonate sheeting and shade sails serve a limited purpose but Opening Roofs provide style, design and operable, functional outdoor living. When it comes to adding value to your home through aesthetic appeal, a retractable or opening roof is unrivalled.

 If you have any queries about the cost of a louvre roof, get in touch with your nearest Louvretec location or make an enquiry for an initial price indication. We will need to do a site inspection before we can give you a formal quote - but whatever we quote, it will be well and truly worth it.