A guide to throwing the perfect BBQ party

Being the best BBQ host out of your friendship group is always a hotly contested and much-coveted position. There’s a lot at stake when BBQ season comes back around, so we’ve put together the ultimate guide to throwing the perfect backyard party. Once you’ve been to the local butcher’s, stocked up on coal and made the best coleslaw ever produced, it’s time to think about the other stuff that can make or break a BBQ. Here’s what to do:


You can’t rely on clear skies at this time of year and you need to be prepared no matter what. 

Opening Roof: Add an opening roof to your deck which has moveable louvres overhead in order to add shelter from the elements or protect you from dangerously strong UV rays during the midday sun. Want to have an outdoor space you can use even in the winter months? 

Walls: You can also add any of Louvretec’s Shutters, Frameless Sliding Glass Doors, Mesh Outdoor Blinds or Clear PVC Outdoor Blinds to provide walls and therefore a warm, year-round haven.

Retractable Roof: One of our newest products, the blades retract to reveal the clear blue sky and then fully close them again for that well-needed shelter on gloomy days. When the blades are back in place overhead rotate them open and closed too!


Consider outdoor furniture when hosting a bbq. Being forced to  stand up and eat can be messy. With Louvretec’s products, you can relax knowing your outdoor furniture is being protected too.  


It’s the little things that can make a big difference. Thinking about decorations may be the least of your worries but we are here to tell you otherwise. There are a few little touches you can do to add that festival vibe to your BBQ. 

  1. Colour theme
  2. Bunting
  3. Flowers and indoor/outdoor plants
  4. Centrepiece


A juicy sausage and salty fries can really build a thirst. Rather than having buckets of ice taking up space or making friends traipse through your home in dirty shoes, plug a fridge into your outdoor room and make a more accessible BBQ party for all.

Now the stage is set to prove you are the BBQ king or queen of your community. With Louvretec products you can instantly upgrade your home and create an outdoor space that your friends and family will adore. For more information about adding any of our products, make an enquiry today.