A Guide to Making The Perfect Outdoor Room

With Louvretec, the perfect outdoor room is within reach. In 3 easy steps, you can go from a hardly used deck or outdoor area to having your very own custom-made outdoor room, with some design ideas thrown in for good measure. 


The first step is providing a sheltered space outdoors. Our opening roof systems are high quality  louvred roofs that can be opened and closed to permit sunlight or block heat, glare and weather when needed. With an opening roof, you instantly expand your living area and can begin to maximise on how to utilise your outdoor space.

Design Idea: Outdoor plants can be placed under your opening roof and benefit from direct sunlight, as well as shade, throughout the day. Their splash of colour and natural essence can brighten up your outdoor room and be a pleasant addition.

Walls Infill

Step two is adding  sides to your opening roof (if you wish!) There are a number of products we supply that can block wind, weather and offer privacy control.   You can add either stylish Louvretec Shutters, Frameless Sliding Glass Doors to retain the outside view, Mesh Outdoor Blinds or Clear PVC Outdoor Blinds.

Design Idea: Adding walls can keep out wind and the debris it blows in. Cleaner floors means you have the options to add an outdoor rug to make your outdoor room appear even more cosy.

Lighting and Heating 

Finally, two things to put the cherry on top of your outdoor room to make it the most comfortable and inviting area of your entire home. By adding lighting and heating options you remove any limiting factors of your outdoor room. Lighting means you have a space to relax at any hour of the day, even after sundown. With heating options, your outdoor room becomes a cosy haven in any season. Stay warm and snuggly even in winter.

Design Idea: With lighting and heating, you can spend more evening time in your outdoor room. Add a central table and chairs to create a place for poker nights, board games, family dinners and friendly gatherings. You could even add a TV and create a bespoke outdoor cinema room for sports matches and movie nights.

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