A Foodscaped Garden Is A Delicious Idea

We like to share advice and trends that will help you complement your louvre roof kit and the wonderful space you can create with it. This post is no exception. We’re going to discuss foodscaping because this type of garden lends itself really well to outdoor areas e.g. a raised garden bed in or around an outdoor room, particularly one where you cook.

First things first. What is foodscaping?  It’s the modern term for planting edible plants in the same space as ornamental landscapes. It is also referred to as edible landscaping and is commonly described as a mix between landscaping and farming. While the words landscaping and farming suggest that foodscaping is something done on a large scale, the principle of foodscaping can be easily applied on a smaller scale in backyard gardens, and in and around outdoor entertainment areas. Because raised garden beds are becoming more popular in these settings, and are highly visible as a result, foodscaping is something that would be perfect in these situations. 

Foodscaping, whether it’s done on a small or large scale, is all about planting edibles with a highly decorative quality alongside ornamental non-edible plants. While most of us are well used to planting these things separately, foodscaping demands that vegetables combine with ornamentals, like flowers and shrubs to create a beautiful feature - and yes, vegetables can be beautiful! Things like rainbow chard, Tuscan and purple kale, heirloom blue cabbage, flame lettuce, and five-colour silverbeet add lots of colour, as do herbs which often have lovely flowers: lavender, rosemary, Thai basil, Greek oregano, dill and spearmint just to name a few.

Now you can see why we recommend you indulge in a spot of foodscaping in and around your outdoor entertainment and dining area. You’ll also understand how it can be done in raised garden beds in the immediate vicinity, as well as the rest of your garden. The overall effect can be very eye-catching, with the added bonus that it is very functional when it comes to cooking with the freshest produce and herbs on your barbecue, or your kitchen in your outdoor room.

There are plenty of resources available on the internet showing you how to maximise the visual appeal of your foodscaped garden. Of course, the local climate will largely dictate what you can plant but the experts will be able to guide you to plants that will thrive in your garden, and look wonderful while they’re at it.