5 Ways Shutters Can Transform Your Home

There are so many options available to change the design and look of our home which will suit our taste. Whether it’s painting over walls, hanging pictures, moving furniture around or adding new accessories, it can take up a lot of time and money, depending on what you need to buy to complete your interior design vision.

When looking for ways to give your home a lift, consider your windows. Old curtains hold moisture and tear, blinds look a bit plain, but shutters bring something to a home that other window coverings can’t. Shutter styles such as plantation shutters will give you the perfect solution for a low maintenance, and stylish way to cover your windows and doors; a more aesthetically appealing option than standard blinds.

Sleek and solid, they can turn any window into an architectural feature. Here are the ways shutters can showcase your home.

Simple Office Shutters

Shutters are the right accessory and blend for a home office. External window shutters can help achieve calmness in a studious office space but with a little more charisma than the usual office window coverings. They can also be used as room dividers.

woman blue dress admiring louvretec shutters

Louvre External Shutters

Modern shutters can also bring style to long expanses of window. Louvred window shutters can allow in huge amounts of light but when closed, can create privacy and shade control. Louvretec has a large range of motorised shutters perfect for this scenario.

Increase Street Appeal

Louvretec’s wood grain finish aluminium shutters look like timber shutters but as they are constructed of aluminium is durable and low maintenance. They are ideal for a new build property for extra interest. Whether you’re planning to put your home on the market, or just want to enjoy pulling into your driveway each day, adding bi-folding, sliding or hinged shutters can vastly improve your home’s street appeal.

Create Symmetry

Symmetry is pleasing to the eye, not just with human characteristics, but also with your home. Using shutters for doors as well as windows can unify an irregular room. External shutters are especially helpful if your home has an unbalanced number of windows or if the windows are different sizes.

Shapes and Styles

If your home is a villa or a period property adding a shutter in a bold colour can bring additional character to a home. Shutters can enhance the look of your home and are available in almost any colour.

Louvretec has aluminium louvres and shutters in a number of different sizes, colours and styles from bi-folding to sliding or hinged. Please view our product gallery and find something that suits your home and aesthetic. Browse our range of louvre shutters for information and ideas or make an enquiry if you have any questions.