Energy Efficient Designs Are Looking Up

Energy efficiency and sustainability are buzzwords in the fields of architecture and landscape design. They’re right up there with” indoor-outdoor flow” and “urban fabric” - in other words, the environment that a building is placed in, and this can include everything from population density to the layout and aesthetic of the area.

These words are buzz words for a reason. Energy efficiency and sustainability ARE important factors these days, and architects and landscape designers are right to keep these things in mind when developing their designs for outdoor spaces. Many of those design professionals now come to us as they see Louvretec as natural partners in keeping things sustainable and energy-efficient. A louvre opening roof system is just one example of that and is, literally, the perfect showcase of energy-efficient designs that are looking up! 

For a start, our opening roofs are manufactured from aluminium, which is known as “the green metal” because of all its eco-friendly credentials. For a start, aluminium is 100% recyclable so it can be recycled again and again and fact, it’s been said that 75% of the aluminium ever used in the world is still in use today! Recycling aluminium saves 95% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to producing the raw product. 

As for the stunning outdoor rooms that our aluminium roof louvres help to create, there is even more to like from an environmental perspective. This is especially true when looking at energy efficiency. Aluminium has superior thermal conductivity properties when compared to other construction materials e.g. steel. This reflects light which helps to keep an outdoor entertainment area naturally cool in the warmer summer months. And when closed after a long, sunny day, aluminium louvre roofs keep warmth in the room (until you decide to open the louvres) making them a “green” roofing system that provides natural heating in winter months while minimising the need for other heat sources.

A louvre opening roof system is just one way that we help architects and landscape designers incorporate energy efficiency and sustainability into their designs. This meets demands from modern consumers for products and living spaces that have a minimal environmental footprint, and we’re able to work with architects and landscape professionals to meet these demands. 

Start creating your  outdoor space today and consider incorporating striking style with environmentally friendly credentials. contact us and we’ll gladly share further technical details with you.