Why Invest in a Retractable Roof

A retractable roofing system is a type of Opening Roof that is often found above a deck or verandah. The Retractable Opening Roof is a premium roofing system as it allows the louvre blades to retract back if you wish to enjoy the skies above or your view, and when you are ready you can bring the louvres back overhead again. How clever.

Retractable Opening Roofs have also been called ‘operable roofing’ or ‘retractable skylights’. Louvretec’s standard range of Opening Roofs main difference to its Retractable Opening Roof lies in the fact that standard opening roofs do not retract the louvre blades back, but the louvre blades do turn up to 180 degrees. Popular in high-end renovations and new builds, restaurants and bars Retractable Opening Roofs provide end users with a controllable outdoor space.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits our customers enjoy from installing a Retractable roof system to their deck or verandah.

louvred patio roof

Benefits of installing a Retractable Opening Roof

Throughout the summer months, our gorgeous weather makes us want to get outside and soak up the sun - however the shade is an absolute must. A Retractable Opening Roof lets you set and control conditions. A wide open space overhead is easily achieved by retracting the louvre blades back. Enjoy ventilation & your view. However, when the overhead shelter is required simply bring the louvres back in place overhead all at the touch of a button. When the louvres are back overhead you can set and control the conditions still as the blades can turn up to 180 degrees.

The retractable roof system is our most premium Opening Roof due to its functionality and the engineering behind this clever product. The result is outstanding and is the perfect inclusion for high-end renovations and new builds.

Talk to us today on how we can bring your outdoor area to life with a louvred patio roof designed by the specialists at Louvretec Australia.