It’s Time to Consider External Aluminium Shutters

It’s Time to Consider External Aluminium Shutters

Whether it's a cosy winter dinner, summer barbecue or a family game night, utilising your outdoor spaces in Australia is essential in expanding your living space. If you're ready to elevate your backyard space, consider adding Coastal Louvre Shutters - made right here in Australia. These stylish and elegant additions offer several benefits that will make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. Here are four compelling reasons why incorporating Louvre Shutters into your outdoor entertaining area is a smart choice.

All-Year Use

Creating an outdoor entertaining area is likely to become one of your favourite spots at home. For utility, consider installing Louvre Shutters to increase use of the space throughout the year. Having an outdoor space that is only usable in summer is limiting. With Louvre Shutters, you won't be restricted to only enjoying your outdoor area on perfect weather days. These shutters provide insulation and protection from UV rays, wind and drizzle, creating a warmer and more pleasant atmosphere outdoors. The combination of wind protection and insulation offered by Louvre Shutters ensures that your space feels cosy even during the winter months. Regardless of the season, you'll be able to savour the fresh air and spend more time outdoors.


When you're basking in the sun, the last thing you want is prying eyes or nosy neighbours interrupting your relaxation. Louvre shutters provide the ultimate privacy for your outdoor entertaining area. Their sturdy construction and intelligent design allow them to close offering complete solitude. Alternatively, you can adjust the shutters to different levels of privacy. Opt for fixed shutters for permanent seclusion or choose sliding and folding shutters to enjoy uninterrupted garden views whenever you desire. Louvre shutters are particularly beneficial for outdoor spaces with sliding glass doors, as they effectively cover large areas where unwanted onlookers may peer in. By installing louvre shutters for sliding glass doors, you can create a sense of security and privacy within your patio or outdoor area.

Larger Living Area and Increased Property Value

Louvre Shutters are not only for personal enjoyment, they are an investment for the future. Louvretec Shutters  create more  living space, will provide durability and longevity and are a tremendous addition to any Australian home, on the coast or otherwise. Additionally, they are easy to maintain which is an appealing feature for potential homebuyers. Whether you sell your house in the future or remain, Louvre Shutters will benefit and upgrade your property.

Weather Protection

Adverse weather can quickly dampen the charm of a beautiful outdoor area. As can too much sun. With high-quality Louvre Shutters, you instantly gain weather protection. The blades of the shutters act as effective barriers, preventing drizzle, gusts and UV rays from reaching your outdoor entertainment space. Crafted from durable aluminium, our shutters are designed to withstand the forces of nature without warping, wearing out or deteriorating. This exceptional protection not only keeps you and your guests sheltered but also safeguards your belongings. 

Louvretec Australia's Coastal Series Shutters provide your home or building with sun and privacy control and a stylish aesthetic. Select from sliding, bi-folding, hinged or fixed shutter systems designed specifically for our harsh environment. Make a product enquiry today and find out more.  Made right here in Australia.