How To Clean Sliding Glass Doors

When it comes to cleaning, glass is one of the toughest surfaces to achieve a spotless finish. First of all, it shows the tiniest bit of dirt, dust and debris. And secondly, even after cleaning, any slight water spot or section you’ve missed will show up like a sore thumb - unless you have the expert know-how of how to clean glass. Our sliding glass doors offer a sleek and stylish product to bring the outdoors inside and soften the indoor/outdoor flow at your home. Unfortunately pets, children and visitors can make a mess and before too long your brand new sliding glass doors from Louvretec are rife with fingerprints and pet fur. We’ve come up with three solutions, starting with how to clean your glass surfaces.

Cleaning Glass Surfaces

Step 1: Start by opening your Slidetec doors and vacuuming debris from your floor rail to ensure the doors retain their easy sliding functionality.

Step 2: Gather a rag, clean microfiber cloth, sponge, warm water, a cap of mild household detergent,  squeegee, towel and window washing solution for stubborn marks.

Step 3: Use your rag dipped in to your warm water and mild household detergent mix  to thoroughly clean all marks and dirt off your glass.

Step 4: Wipe off  soapy water with a clean cloth from top to bottom.

Step 5: Use your clean cloth or sponge to rinse windows with a window washing solution.

Step 6: Quickly dry your windows using the squeegee, drying the blade on a towel after each swipe. This will prevent streaks.

The first time cleaning large glass surfaces may result in a few water spots and streaks but you’ll soon improve by following these simple steps.

We also recommend Diamond Fusion.

Diamond Fusion for your glass

Cleaning glass is tricky and time-consuming. Cleaning glass spotlessly can be very difficult for a non-expert. So, why not utilise Diamond Fusion. 

Exterior glass screens are gaining popularity. Diamond Fusion applied on these glass screens solves the problems which arise due to sprinklers and handprints. It also makes the glass water repellent. By the use of this technology from Diamond Fusion Australia, water spots take a longer to appear. Removal of these spots is also easier. This technology also makes dirt and debris run of.

Add Outdoor Blinds

Protect the glass of your outdoor room with outdoor blinds to reduce the amount of glass open to the elements, especially if you live in a coastal home that will likely receive potentially damaging sea spray. Our mesh and clear PVC options match any requirements you have and keep your external glass panels clean and protected no matter the weather.

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