Home Buyers Love Outdoor Living

We are always interested in research about trends in the property market. While our products, like our retractable systems, make a home much more liveable and enjoyable in the here and now, we also know that your investment needs to add value as well. It has to make your property more desirable should you decide to sell at some point in the future. 

A study we’ve just seen confirms that the deck roofing options you’ve been pondering should be worthy of more serious consideration. The research shows that home buyers crave outdoor living, so anything you can do to make your outdoor area even better - and a motorised Opening closing roof over your deck will certainly do that - is well worth it. 

This study was carried out by one of Australia’s leading garden supply companies and asked what home buyers are looking for across the country. Somewhat surprisingly, the conventional real estate rule that kitchens and bathrooms sell properties was turned on its head. It turns out that great outdoor spaces are what buyers are craving. Here are a few of the fascinating findings:

  • 39% of the home buyers said they value outdoor living spaces like outdoor rooms, decks and courtyards, compared to only 12% who desired a great kitchen and a tiny 3% who said a deluxe bathroom was what they were after.
  • Outdoor living spaces like outdoor rooms and covered decks are most important to buyers aged over 65 (46%) as well as those in the A.C.T. (59%) and the Northern Territory (55%)
  • Home buyers in New South Wales say they’re more focused on outdoor spaces (42%)  than their Victorian counterparts (36%)
  • 45% of younger home buyers in the 18 to 34 year age bracket are most focused on an outdoor space in which they can entertain.
  • 30% of South Australians love backyards and rank it as their highest priority when home hunting. This compares to the national average of just 16%. This low number reflects the fact that Australians are less interested in lawn and more interested in outdoor structures. 
  • West Australians care least about kitchens with only 9% saying it is a top priority.
  • 15% of Victorian home buyers say that street appeal is number one on their list of priorities compared to 9% in Queensland, 3% in South Australia and ZERO % in the Northern Territory! If this tells us anything, it’s that what we’re doing in the back is more important than what we’re doing in the front.

All of these different figures lead us to the same conclusion: whatever you can do to make your outdoor spaces even better will be met with wide approval from home buyers. So that roof over the deck you’ve been thinking about? It might be time to make it happen...