Four Things You Didn’t Know About Retractable Roofs

Australia is a huge country. Some months see states experience a hot, sunny day with intense heat,  but in other parts of the country the weather can be cold and wintery. . For homeowners, retractable rooftop over patio areas are becoming a perfect solution for weather control. Let's look at the benefits of a Retractable Roof over your deck, rooftop or patio area.  

    1) The Heat Inside Is Reduced 

A retractable roof provides shade as required on the patio; they can also reduce the heat inside your home. When the louvres of a Retractable roof is in place overhead enjoy sun protection and shade - enjoy feeling cooler and comfortable.  

    2) They Make A Good Home Office

Retractable roofs are intended to make outdoor relaxation and entertainment areas more comfortable, especially when it’s too hot or raining. However, why not use the deck as an impromptu home office if you have the chance? The change of scenery could get your creative juices flowing, and you’ll enjoy the fresh air. The retractable roof would keep you shaded as required, alternatively you can retract the louvres back if you wish to feel the sun on your back or the see the stars above.

    3) They are automated

Maybe you like doing yoga outside every morning, or you enjoy sitting on the deck and catching up on work in the evenings. Without a retractable roof to protect you from the elements, your home might not suit your everyday lifestyle. However, retractable roofs are automated so at the press of a button the roof louvres can slide back overhead giving you sun and privacy control allowing you to follow your routines & continue to  use your deck for what you want to do when you want.

    4) They Can Add Value 

Your house is an investment. Retractable roofs can add value by adding a new, comfortable and stylish outdoor living space to your home - giving you even more room to relax or entertain.

Your outdoor living space opens up your home to the outdoors which you can enjoy every day, it protects you from the weather, and it keeps your home cool.