Smart Solutions: Integrating Louvretec Opening Roofs into Modern Home Automation Systems

Instead of being seen as a sci-fi novelty, smart home automation is now becoming  mainstream. Smart technology makes life easier, more convenient and energy-efficient, increases home comfort, improves security, adds a new dimension to home entertainment, and so much more. Accessibility is another huge selling point; remotely operating devices, appliances, and other features is the ultimate convenience. With all of these benefits, it's easy to see why home automation is so widely used throughout Australian homes, and this extends to Louvretec opening roofs. We blend stylish outdoor living with smart outdoor living!


Benefits of Smart Automation

Integrating Louvretec opening roofs into home automation systems has many advantages, including convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced functionality. As an option, by installing an app and system, you can adjust the position of the roof louvres with a tap on your smartphone or through a voice command, in the same way, you might operate other intelligent features at your home. This allows for remote operation of your roof so, for example, you can close the roof when it rains, even if you're at work and not at home. And when the sun shines again, you can open the roof again. These are simple examples of how innovative technology merges with our opening roofs. Still, it is clear evidence of how helpful this integration could be.  

Energy efficiency is improved too. Keep one step ahead of  the prevailing weather conditions by opening or closing your roof as needed, creating warmer or cooler living spaces without over-reliance on appliances. Smart home automation makes this easy to achieve; again, it can be done remotely. Or, automated operation at the same time every day will achieve the same goal, with the roof opening and closing without you having to give it a second thought. This feature is ideal for seasonal adjustments. For example, your roof will close later during longer summer days to capture more of the sun. In winter, the roof can be set to close earlier to stop the covered area becoming too cold. And with smart technology being so easy to use, adjusting the settings every season is a breeze.  

Another example of smart technology being incorporated into our opening roofs is the use of rain sensors, which automatically close the roof as soon as they detect rain. Smart automation, in its many forms, is tailor-made for Louvretec opening roofs.   


Customisation Options 

At Louvretec, we work with you to  customise our products to suit your home and surrounds, which extends to integrating our opening roofs with your home automation systems. As discussed, this might include scheduling and sensor-based operation. On top of this, there's integration with other smart outdoor features. For example, by using leading smart home platforms like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can set the scene in your outdoor space beyond just opening and closing the roof. You can connect seamlessly with things like lighting, heating, and audio. Imagine this. As the sun goes down and night falls, your roof closes up. The outdoor heating system takes the edge off the cool evening air. Lighting sets the mood in your outdoor room, and the music begins.

One central smart platform automatically controls all of this. This collection of automated features is commonly referred to as a smart home ecosystem, and our opening roofs can be part of it if required.


Installation and Setup 

Integrating Louvretec opening roofs with home automation systems represents ease of operation and convenience. It's simple to use and enjoy, but the installation is more complex. Louvretec can manage installation with genuine experts who work to the same high standards we set for our products, and complete wiring  and compatibility tasks as well as security. 


Make A Smart Call

Louvretec's range of opening roofs and our smart integration options will make life in your outdoor area even better. Your outdoor room could become the smartest room in the house. Explore all the innovative options by contacting a local representative for further information or to schedule a consultation.