Plants That Adds Privacy To Your Outdoor Space

The installation of a LouvreTec louvre roof in Sydney, Louvretec Sydney North, Sydney’s northern beaches or in any of Australia’s major cities, will open up all sorts of outdoor living possibilities. One of the most spectacular is the creation of an outdoor room which will give you a place of fun and relaxation, even if you live in the busiest of suburbs. 

Of course, suburban living has one thing in common, no matter where you live; neighbours. So to help you enjoy some added privacy as well as natural beauty while you’re enjoying your newly developed outdoor space, here are some fast growing plants that we see used a lot in the most amazing homes and buildings and  have a lovely screening effect.

Lilly Pilly: The lilly pilly is popular as a screening plant because it flowers in summer and has glossy green leaves. The new growth is pink in colour and the plant also produces maroon edible berries.

Leighton Green: A fast-growing conifer that can be used as a screening plant or trimmed up into a hedge. Not ideal for small backyards as it is very dense and can reach heights of more than 5 metres in 10 years. You will need to spend some time to keep it at a manageable height but its beauty and screening qualities make it well worth it. 

Bamboo: With bamboo, you want to plant a non-invasive clumping variety, with Bambusa multiplex 'Alphonse Karr' being a great example. The pinkish shoots eventually become green-striped yellow culms. It responds well to pruning and reaches between 5 to 8 metres in height.

Orange Blossom: A fast-growing shrub with dense, glossy green foliage and fragrant white flowers in spring and summer. It can grow up to 3 metres high and reach a width of about 1.2 metres, so it is perfect as a small hedge or screen. Better suited to the warmer states and sunny settings. 

Choisya: Very similar to orange blossom but a plant that feels much more at home in cooler climates in the country’s south.

Red Robin: Photinias make a great hedge or screen that puts on a colourful display as the new foliage ranges from a fiery red to bronze. It's a medium-fast growing plant that reaches 1 to 3 metres in height and up to 1.2 metres wide. Make sure you have the space to let this plant grow to its full width otherwise it might appear a little ‘twiggy”.

Of course, you can consult with your local garden centre about other privacy-enhancing plants. But for your new louvre roof, consult with us!