Outdoor Furniture trends In An Outdoor Room

The search term “retractable roof for pergola” is trending right now. As more and more people look to cover their outdoor structures and create a whole new room in the process, a retractable roof appeals as one of the best ways to do it. It can be opened when the weather is fine and sunny and closed when shade & shelter is needed.  These are things you’re obviously considering if you’re thinking about an outdoor room.

An outdoor  room will add more liveable space to your home which in itself is such a valuable addition to your home. And since it is a functional room you’ve created, have you thought about furnishing it more  as a room rather than as an outdoor space that has a roof over it? We have noticed that using indoor furniture (that has been coated with a waterproof fabric and upholstery protector) in outdoor rooms is trending as much as the search term term “retractable roof for pergola”It has become a very popular thing to do.

This is something we’ve noticed in recent times. Obviously, we have a huge interest in outdoor rooms and how people use them. Two of the biggest trends we’ve noticed are outdoor rooms being transformed into spectacular outdoor kitchens - they’re often better appointed than the main kitchen inside the home! The other one is the use of indoor furniture instead of traditional outdoor settings.

It was once common for people to use outdoor chairs and tables in their alfresco areas, even when they covered them. Now, we’re seeing people introducing indoor furniture (that has been treated with an all weather fabric protectant). After all, it is a room, right? Bring the indoors out, and create  an outdoor room that immediately gives the impression of being a relaxing and comfortable place.  It really does make your outdoor room look like a natural progression of your home.

Modern waterproofing products, as well as ones that inhibit mould and mildew, make it easier than ever to use conventional indoor furniture in an outdoor room. 

Create an outdoor room with a difference. The basis to creating your outdoor room is an opening roof - and we can help you with that. Get in touch and we’ll help you create a magical outdoor room.