How to Protect Your Outdoor Area From the Elements

As Autumn arrives, the sun no longer boasts the summer zing it once did, and both mornings and evenings are noticeably cooler than they were. For most, the end of summer can signal the start of more time spent indoors and fewer soirees with friends and family in your backyard. By adding Louvretec products to your garden, you can transform your deck to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Here’s how:

How To Protect Your Outdoor Area From The Elements

Starting with an opening roof, homeowners across Australia can go on to create a custom outdoor room with infill sides and all the home comforts you need to make the outdoors feel as cosy and comfortable as your lounge, no matter the season. All our options can transform your Louvretec Room into a place of year-round use, as well as offering insulation, shade, shelter and privacy.

Louvretec Shutters

Available in a range of powdercoated and anodised colours, including a wood grain finish, our Coastal Series Shutters can add durable shelter to your deck to stop wind, weather and cold from entering your outdoor room. Choose from sliding, bi-folding and hinged aluminium shutters designed specifically for Australia’s harsh environment. 

Frameless Sliding Glass Doors

Allow light to enter and maintain an uninterrupted view with Slidetec Sliding Doors and windows. Two premium options of toughened glass provide the ideal solution for infilling sides without affecting the landscape of your surroundings. Enjoy the feel of the outdoors from the comfort of your outdoor room.

Outdoor Blinds

With mesh and clear PVC options available in motorised or hand-operable functionality, make shade control easier than ever by adjusting your Outdoor Blinds with the touch of a button. Gain total control over how much light enters your Louvretec Room for a solution that benefits you in winter as much as it does in summer, autumn or spring.

Heating & Lighting

Add the final crowning touches to your outdoor room with premium heating and lighting options that can keep the party going longer, providing a warm and bright space for evening relaxation and winter days. With heating and lighting added, your outdoor room is perfectly equipped to use in any weather, at any time of day.

Want to find out more about protecting your outdoor room from the elements? Contact us today to get an estimate for any of the products listed.