Enjoy outdoor cooking again

We love a barbeque but they have their limits thanks to the weather! If only there was a way to be able to cook outdoors all year round. Us Aussies are known for our bbq skills but they are seasonal. Bad weather; cold or drizzle, can be enough to dampen even the most ardent garden chefs. Fortunately, we have a solution. Louvretec’s aluminium airfoil sun louvres allow for light, shade, airflow & temperature control. Our sun louvre systems are not just a way to achieve privacy, security, wind and sun control, they enhance the design aesthetic of any home or building and can be motorised or hand operable. 

How can weather affect cooking?

With your beloved barbeque in the garden or back deck, bad weather can quickly start causing an issue. Strong wind can blow ash out of your barbecue and cause quite a mess. It can also affect the heat by manoeuvring the heat away from the meat above or causing the charcoal to burn quicker. With gas hobs, strong winds can extinguish the flame without you knowing when pans are placed atop. Adding airfoil sun louvres can block gusts of wind from affecting your cooking process giving you consistent cooking conditions to create great food for you and your guests. Start with your deck, add your opening roof and close in the sides with a sun louvre system - and you can control the environment.

The benefits

By controlling airflow, our airfoil louvres can also expand the functionality of your kitchen. You’ll no longer have to worry about the wind blowing your freshly picked herbs off the counter or blowing your salad off the plate. By simply adding some shelter it can quickly transform an outdoor cooking experience into an enjoyable one.

Allowing airflow also has its benefits, simply open your louvres to allow smoke, steam and scents to leave your outdoor kitchen. 

Besides protection from the elements, airfoil sun louvres also offer privacy control. Lovretec’s sun louvre systems give you and your guests a more intimate and enjoyable evening together. 

Contact Louvretec today to discuss adding our sun louvres products to your home and start enjoying the benefits our louvre systems offer.