Consent When It Comes To Opening Roofs

Building consent regulations are different for each region. Most New Zealand location allows a Pergola Roof or opening roof of up to 20 square metres to be installed without the need for consent. That’s already a decent sized opening roof that will give you plenty of room for outdoor entertaining and also create a nice indoor and outdoor flow. It is always best to check with your local council before ordering an opening roof for your home - and we fully recommend you do so.

Customise Your Opening Roof with Louvretec

All Louvretec opening roofs are custom made to your design requirements. The most common size on offer is around 15 square metres which will beautifully open up your home to the outdoors all the while adding much needed, additional space.

white opening blades roof system with rattan chair

Seek Advice Before Building Your Opening Roof

New Zealand Building Performance says you should also seek advice if you are considering building work that is close to load-bearing walls. If you’re wondering who you should get in touch with to take a look at the list of professions below:

  • Your local council (in its capacity as a building consent authority)
  • Registered architects
  • Chartered professional engineers
  • Registered building surveyors
  • Building consultants
  • Licensed building practitioners (with the relevant licence)
  • Registered certifying plumbers or drain layers

Be sure to also check the building consent authority or other adviser has the relevant licence class if you are relying on their advice.

We do highly recommend you check with your local council if consent is needed before building work starts. Councils have extensive building control expertise as well as information about exemptions and the building consent process. Louvretec are experts in opening roofs but requirements can change depending on the local council.

If you need assistance in finding an adviser a Louvretec representative can point you in the right direction. Contact your nearest Louvretec team for more information.