Buyers Are Buying But Will They Buy What You’re Selling?

We’ve always said at Louvretec that our louvre opening roof systems are features that home owners love, and home buyers desire. Our opening roofs are not only the crowning glory of spectacular outdoor areas, but they’re also a point of difference that can make a property not just desirable but totally irresistible.

This is highly relevant in the light of recent comments by Nerida Crosbee, the chief economist of Real Estate Nerida shared a handful of positive trends in the property market that should make any potential vendor sit up and take notice. One of those trends in particular really reinforced the need to bring a home to market in the most eye-catching way you can. 

Conisbee noted that the number of home buyer searches on her website,, has continued to surge. It is now up 72.5% from the lows experienced at the end of April. Emboldened by all this good news, sellers are flooding back into the market, and that is clearly evident if recent trends are anything to go by. Backed by the higher level of consumer confidence that was recorded in June 2020, more sellers are putting their homes on the market compared to the same time last year.

So, if you’re a potential seller, you now have competition. Lots of it. Maybe more than you thought you might have at this time. But even though your home is up against a growing number of competing properties, there is still a golden opportunity for you to sell, and get the price you want. Because even though there are plenty of buyers in the market, Nerida Conisbee says they are facing a big challenge; there are very few “good” properties listed for sale.

This raises an important point. Just because buyers are keen to buy, that doesn’t mean they’ll buy just anything. There are specific things they want in a home, and striking outdoor entertainment areas and an abundance of liveable space within the home’s footprint are two of the biggest. This is why we see our louvre opening roof systems as features that can put a property on a pedestal and tick those two big boxes for buyers. 

A louvre roof will provide an outdoor area with shelter. If you then close in the sides of your deck by adding Louvretec shutters, frameless sliding glass doors, mesh outdoor blinds or clear PVC outdoor blinds, you’ve got an outdoor room. At the same time, you’ve also created a sensational outdoor entertaining area and extra living space as part of your home - just the things today’s buyers are looking for. 

If you want buyers to buy what you’re selling, we can provide the point of difference you need. Make an enquiry today, and let’s start standing out from the rest.