Bringing the outdoors inside

We could be here all day discussing the many uses and fantastic benefits of having an outdoor room. Fortunately, we’ve managed to do it all in one quick 3 point read. Whether you have a small or large backyard, outdoor rooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors inside and create a quiet and protected space all year round. Here are the best bits of adding one to your home.

1) Extends your house, improves your garden

Combine your home with nature and create an area where the whole family can enjoy and relax during the daytime and evening. By using the natural space of your garden to add a home aesthetic, outdoor rooms seamlessly give you access to your garden no matter the weather or temperature. Imagine being sat in your garden, surrounded by chirping birds and colourful plants whilst enjoying all the comforts of your home. Shelter, warmth, protection from the sun and no annoying bugs.

2) Place for guests

Birthdays, vacations and family reunions can be held in your own unique space that will amaze everyone. Recently, there has been a trend towards fully equipped outdoor kitchens so that hosts and guests do not have to worry about cleaning the inside or balancing food and drink from the kitchen to the outside. Our outdoor rooms can offer electricity, heating and a place to watch movies or dine together. If you have young children - the kids can sleep comfortably in the main house while the adults can continue to socialise outside. No matter what your lifestyle is, there is an outdoor design option to solve it.

3) Mindfulness

Being in nature reduces stress levels, making us feel more relaxed. Spending time outdoors can also help reduce depression and anxiety by providing a refuge from everyday life and stressful situations. When designing and creating an outdoor space, we focus on making it a haven for you and your family.

Start with an Opening Roof this summer and then go on to create your Outdoor Room for ultimate relaxation. Think about the aesthetics of your home and its interiors and replicate the outdoor style for visual flow. Get inspired on our website and contact us today to make an enquiry about improving your home and garden.