5 Tips to Increase Your Home’s Street Appeal

Being house proud used to mean taking pride in the appearance of your interior decor, as much for guests as for yourself and your family. Nowadays, it’s not just the indoors we want to improve. Our outdoors are equally important and many Australians wish to create a functional and stylish outdoor environment. That’s where Louvretec can help. Giving your home a boost in curb appeal does not necessitate a comprehensive renovation - just a few alterations can make a huge difference. We have assembled a list of things you can do to make your outdoors as welcoming as the inside of your home.

Home’s Entrance
To give a pleasing introduction to a home, having a neat and well-maintained outdoor area is essential. Adding some vibrant colour with flowers around the edges can be a great way to bring life to the landscape, and keeping the driveway in good condition with a well-paved surface is a great approach.
The Backyard
Enhancing the look and feel of a home can be achieved by adding a patio or deck. Comfy outdoor seating surrounded by a beautiful garden can make a house into a home and create additional space. 

Deck or Patio
Add shelter from the hot sun to your deck, blocking harmful UV rays, rain and wind with Louvretec’s stylish products. Louvretec offers a wide range of louvres, shutters, opening roofs and glass doors to achieve an outdoor room that has an opening-closing roof, outdoor blinds, glass doors or sun louvres - which all starts with your deck.

Add Functionality
Turn your backyard into a fully functional space with a Louvretec Room. Make sure that your outdoor room is neat and tidy with tasteful furniture and premium lighting and heating options from Louvretec. Customisable features allow you to determine exactly how your Louvretec Room looks and provides the features you want to look good and serve your needs.

Fencing and Gates
One of the first things people observe when they come to your house is the borders that outline your property. Gates and fences not only indicate the limits of your property, but leave a first impression to those who pass by. Louvretec sun louvres can make a remarkable fence or gate, adding privacy and protection from prying eyes. These sun louvre infills can even be adjustable.

Enhance your home’s curb appeal with the help of Louvretec. Reach out today to make an enquiry and receive expert advice and assistance.