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260 Translucent Opening Roof


Translucent Opening Roof The beauty of LouvreTec's 260 Translucent style Opening Roof is that a soft, filtered light flows through the louvre blades when the blades are closed.  This is because the louvre blades of this Opening Roof feature an infill of Naturelite which is see-through.  The Naturelite strip has been UV treated and is used instead of a solid, aluminium louvre blade.

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Features & Benefits
  • A filtered light can flow through each louvre blade when closed.
  • As each louvre blade Naturelite infill is UV treated a degree of sun protection factor is achieved.
  • Naturelite infill is champagne in colour and see-through.
  • Follow the sun's daily path by rotating the blades at your discretion
  • Capable of larger spanning capabilities.
  • Broad, open spaces are achieved when the blades are in the open position, this is because each blade measures 256mm wide.
  • Silent closing and rattle-free operation is attained due to a woolpile strip that is included but hidden on the louvre blades.
  • Enjoy functional indoor-outdoor living and beautiful aesthetics when you install a LouvreTec Opening Roof.
  • During the cooler months a LouvreTec Opening Roof lets you enjoy the winter sun.
  • Enjoy privacy, shelter, heat and sun protection.
  • Airflow temperature control
  • If you wish, we can include a rain sensor to your Translucent Opening Roof.
  • The Translucent Opening Roof is driven by LouvreTec's very own, award winning Spiral Pivot System.  This drive system is tucked away, neatly out of site.
  • Choose from a Motorised Opening Roof or a Hand Adjustable Opening Roof.
  • Your choice of powdercoat or anodised textures and colours.
  • Use a LouvreTec aluminium frame for your Opening Roof to sit in or we can use a frame built for you by your builder.
  • All LouvreTec products are engineered
  • All LouvreTec products are backed by our product warranty.
  • LouvreTec has Dealerships nationwide.
  • LouvreTec has a Maintenance Department for After sales service
  • Our Sales team offer no obligation site visits, design recommendations and quotations.
  • LouvreTec Installers are experienced and trained to the highest standard.

Colours LouvreTec's range of Opening Roofs are available in a large range of powdercoat and anodised colours and finishes.

Opening Roof


LouvreTec's award winning Spiral Pivot System is what drives the louvre blades of this 260 Translucent Opening Roof.

The beauty of the Spiral Pivot system is that the operating mechanism is tucked away neatly out of sight in the frame.

Becuase the louvre blades of the 260 Translucent Opening Roof can be rotated over to 180 degrees you can follow the sun's path and decide where you want to open, stop or close the blades at.

The 260 Translucent Opening Roof uses powerful motors from Europe which are supported by a five year warranty.  Choose from a large range of Direct Wired or Motorised control options.


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260 Translucent Opening Roof

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