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Louvreline Weatherboard Panels and Shutters


Designed as a response to demand the Louvreline range of Weatherboard Panels are unique to LouvreTec, that's because the shape of the blades are a rectangle and when they are closed a 'weatherboard' effect occurs - a great match to homes or buildings clad in weatherboards.

Motorise the Panel open when you want to let light or your view in.

Two sizes are available in the Louvreline Weatherboard Panel Range: 

125 Weatherboard Louvreline125mm Louvreline Weatherboard Panel: Enjoy a weatherboard look when the 125mm wide Louvre Blades of this style of Louvreline Panel are closed.  The Weatherboard panel can be used as a modern, operable balustrade as it complies with a maximum gap of 98mm when opened.

180 Weatherboard Louvreline180mm Louvreline Weatherboard Panel: 180mm wide, a weatherboard effect occurs when blades are closed.  The Louvreline Weatherboard panel can be used as a Vertical External Panel that can be placed in front of glass panels or joinery.    This option will let you have your view looking forward at the same time as providing privacy at the side and rear.  The 180mm Louvreline Flush panel can also run horizontally, it gives a strong, modern look and provides for good spans (continuous runs of the Louvre blades).

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Features & Benefits
  • Your choice of 2 Sizes of this style of Louvreline Blade
  • The Louvre Blades are able to turn 180 degrees
  • A weatherboard look is achieved when in the closed position.
  • The end look is modern which will enhance the aesthetics of your home or building and will also match weatherboard cladding.
  • Run the Louvreline Weatherboard Blades either Vertically or Horizontally.
  • Can be motorised
  • Can be Hand Adjustable
  • Louvreline Weatherboard Blades can be permanently Bracket or End Fixed in to place.
  • Your choice of a Centre or Rear pivot.
  • Use as a Balustrade
  • Perfect for the sides of Decks
  • Sun, privacy, glare and heat control can be acheived when you install a Louvreline Flush panel.
  • Choose from a wide range of powdercoat or anodised colours
  • Your choice of frame
  • All LouvreTec products are engineered  and backed with a LouvreTec product warranty.
  • Authorised network of LouvreTec Dealerships are located countrywide
  • LouvreTec's Maintenance department provides after sales service.
  • Louvretec's Sales team offer no obligation site visits and quotes.
  • Installation of product is by highly trained Louvretec Installers.
  • Louvretec products are constructed of aluminium for durability, perfect for projects close to the beach.
  • Louvretec can retro-fit Louvreline Panels to your project and of course they can be included as part of a new build.
  • Bespoke to your requirements
Louvreline Flush Panels are driven by LouvreTec's award Spiral Pivot System & Somfy Motors

Spiral logo

LouvreTec's award winning Spiral Pivot System is one of a kind as the operating mechanism is tucked away out of sight ensuring it does not detract from the aesthetics of our Sun Louvres.

This is the drive system used by Louvreline Weatherboard Panels.  The Spiral Pivot System provides functionality at the touch of a button by letting you control your privacy, sun and shade requirements.

The Spiral Pivot System lets the Louvreline Weatheboard Panel Blades rotate through 180 degrees which lets you choose and set the conditions as you so wish to.

We can fit a Dual Drive if you end up having more than one automated panel of Louvreline Weatherboard Panels making this system multi-talented.


Motorised Louvreline Weatherboard Panels use a Somfy motor.  The motor is available 24v and 240v options and this motor is supported by a five year warranty.  You can also choose from many extra features such as rain and sun sensors, your style of remote control, wall mounted contorls, RTS technology (this negates the need for wiring to controls and switches).

If you do not wish to make your Louvreline Weatherboard Panels automated then you have the option of making the louvre blades adjustable by hand.  The Weatherboard Panels will turn with the aid of the Spiral Pivot system, but no motor is needed.


Need to get technical? Click below to learn more:

125 Loureline Weatherboard Blade Technical

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